Mary Helke Kilpatrick Studio

Mary Helke Kilpatrick

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"I am amazed at the meditative qualities painting landscapes holds. Combining my love of the natural world and art, I am on a lifelong study course."


Mary Helke Kilpatrick has called Tipp City home since 1956. Mary attended Wright State University School of Nursing but never quite settled into the field. She was always drawing and journaling what she saw and how it made her feel. Mary is primarily self-taught but has attended workshops with artists such as Arleta Peck, George Crown and Chuck Marshall. She worked as a commercial artist and freelance illustrator until 1987, when after taking a formal art class, she found her passion for watercolor. Mary began painting on location in 1999 and joined the Ohio Plein Air Society in 2008.

Artistic Statement

The nature of my art is more than just nature itself. The world moves so quickly and with this motion, losing a specific moment of beauty is very easy.

Creating snapshots of a moment in the world is my way of keeping a journal so that I may revisit the way I and the world connected at that point in time. I seek to portray how I feel in nature, show what I’m seeing and hearing in a single instant. Watercolor allows me to do and portray such a thing, the inherent flow of the paint capturing my surroundings quickly, yet not sacrificing the flow and rhythm I aim to illustrate.

It’s important to me to create something personal, yet inclusive. I want those who view my artwork to be able to feel what I felt, see and hear what I saw and heard. There’s magic in nature, yet it shifts and molds into different understandings so quickly. As I paint, I want to open the world as I experienced it to you, to create that serendipitous moment for you to experience with me.